The impact of social media on our lives

I am writing this book review based on my understanding and how I perceived it. It is a very interesting book. One must read this book with an open mind.

Katherine, in this book, talks about various aspects of our lives. She talks about how social media affects our lives, our time, our career, our finances, our politics, our health, our relationship and much more. I, on a personal level, was very addicted to social media back then. While I was reading this book, I couldn’t agree more about how social media has been so addictive to all of us. You might relate this as well if you find yourself in the same shoes.

How many of you would agree that we spend so much of our time by checking our smartphones and news feeds on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, twitter, WhatsApp, etc? maybe one time a day could be the least possible guess but can lead to many hours, minutes, seconds for some people.

Katherine explained it could be the way to connect with friends or people at a larger scale or it could just be the source of fun or entertainment. Whatever, the reason is, we all spent a chunk of our time on these social sites. so how is it ruining our life?

If you read this book, most of you would agree that you feel very depressed when you see other people posting about the wonderful pictures on their dream vacation or wearing a luxurious outfit that you can only dream of. This ruins our lives by bringing unreal comparison with the people we even don’t know. We know more than nothing about the girl posting her pictures on social media. she is actually showing a small portion of that moment while her life could be more miserable than yours. The boy who is well settled and graduated from Harvard University, holding a diploma in his hand, might make you feel envious of him. We often could not escalate the truth that every one of us is traveling in our time zones so we might get graduated after ten years than him which doesn’t make us anything less important.

The most important aspect, I personally liked about, is relationship, politics, and health. Let’s talk about relationship, how many have you posted about your relationship status on these social sites? There is no shame if we say we have done it. But the question is, do you really trust giving your so much privacy to these sites? do you feel confident to share your family and spouse pictures? You all know that Facebook has been compromised before and much of their private data has been released to third parties.. do you still feel confident to share every single detail of you out on these social sites? I leave this on you.

Let’s talk about politics. How many of you have debated on these social sites? I have! I loved the way Katherine described it that when you debate about political stuff, you get too much involved in a debate, you even forget that you are debating with your uncle bob. We might not talk to our friends or relatives in person the way we do in a heated debate with them virtually. We do not even realize that we sound disrespectful and mean in the comments and you know well that your activity on any political/religious belief or anything is tracked by these sites to come up with the customized ad for you.

Another important aspect of our health, how many of you have posted a status about your feelings? like.. I am feeling sad… I am feeling happy… I am feeling bored..  we all do it! instead of talking to our family or friends about our concerns and problems, we share our emotions publicly just to get a so-called validation. Do we really need it? I leave this too on you.

She also talked about smartphones. How many times do you check your phone? she also stated a figure that according to Apple, users unlock their touch id every 11 minutes 15 seconds. We are so lost in our phones, we even don’t realize how this is taking away the simple joys of our life from us. She also talks about motherhood. she talks about how we are trying our best to build our identity on this social media.

There are so many other important points in this book to share the impact of social media on our lives. The points, I shared in this review, made me take a great deal to comprehend. You might not agree with my review and that’s completely fine. We all think differently and we all live different lives.

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